Australian Police Say Stabbing Attack Linked to Terrorism | Australian Police Say Stabbing Attack Linked to Terrorism

Police said the attacker got out of a pickup truck, which then caught fire, and attacked three bystanders with a knife.

Australian Muslims Furious Over PM Slamming Radical Islam After Melbourne Attack

Following a terror attack that claimed the life of one person and left two more injured, the Australian prime minister criticised radical religious teachings, specifically radical Islam and urged religious leaders to be proactive in preventing their flocks from being affected by such teachings.

The Latest: IS claims responsibility for Australia attack

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for an attack in Australia that police say was linked to terrorism

Australia police: Melbourne attacker also planned explosion

Police say a man who fatally stabbed another and injured two in central Melbourne had also planned to set off an explosion

Melbourne attack: Police say knifeman also planned for pick-up truck to explode

Victoria state Police said Hassain Khalif Shire Ali, 30, had also planned for his vehicle to explode in the attack in Melbourne, but gas cylinders in the back of his pick-up failed to ignite.

Bourke St attacker had planned explosion for Melbourne's CBD

The lone terrorist who fatally stabbed a man in Bourke Street on Friday planned to cause an explosion in Melbourne by igniting gas cylinders in his car, police say.

Bourke Street attacker had passport cancelled but wasn't deemed a threat

A local sheikh says the Islamic State-inspired terrorist who carried out yesterday's fatal stabbing in Bourke Street, Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, was not mentally fit, while police confirm his passport was cancelled in 2015 over fears he planned to travel to Syria.

Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe led tributes Saturday to "true gentleman" 74-year-old Sisto Malaspina, a doyen of Melbourne's thriving cafe culture who was...

The terrorist who carried out yesterday's fatal stabbing in Bourke Street, had his passport cancelled due to fears he planned to travel to Syria in 2015, the Australian Federal Police say.

Sisto Malaspina, killed in Friday's attack, is credited with kickstarting Melbourne's cafe culture.

Australia: Police say Melbourne stabbing attack is 'terrorism'

Police have identified attack as a 'terrorism incident' after a man stabs three people in Melbourne, before being shot.